SlidePack is a templating engine for PowerPoint presentations. Automate your routine slide preparations, focus on what matters.

Do I need in-house engineers?

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The corporate engineer's friend

Why SlidePack?

We developed SlidePack to improve our own business operations. And now we'd like to share it with you.

  • Scale your business

    Preparing PowerPoint presentations can be time-consuming. Cut down on routine work by automating it, freeing up man-hours to scale your business.

  • Focus on important work

    Don't spend precious time crunching numbers or adjusting slide layouts. Leave that to the machines and focus on what matters.

  • Maintain quality

    Automation sets a stable baseline of quality for your presentations. Also makes it easier for new team members, reducing typos and mistakes.

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Keyware Solutions

Powerful templating engine

Battle-tested since our first version in 2015.

Templates are pptx

SlidePack uses .pptx files as templates. Use your existing presentations as templates with minimum changes.

  • Simple, familiar syntax

    SlidePack's template markup syntax is similar to languages you're familiar with. Insert placeholders like {greeting} directly into your slides.

  • JSON data

    Define data in JSON. Assign text to variables, or add styling options to override the styles used in the template.

Dynamic tables and charts

Few presentations and reports are complete without them. Easily populate your tables and charts with dynamic data.

  • Input in arrays

    Tables and charts take arrays of data as input.

  • Output in objects

    Outputs as native PowerPoint objects, making it possible for you to adjust fonts and colors afterwards if needed.

Table example
Chart example

Freedom in design. Mix and match PowerPoint objects in your templates.

Do I need in-house engineers to use SlidePack?

SlidePack is an API, meaning a programmer must integrate it into an application. However, if your company doesn't have an engineering team, we can build a custom reporting tool for you. Contact us for details.

Always improving

We are constantly evolving. If you find a bug or a missing feature, please let us know.

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